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Financial Transparency

Atlanta ISD – District Finances

Transparency StarsAtlanta ISD is committed to providing a transparent view to the public of district financial information and is a recipient of the Texas Comptroller’s Transparency Stars Award for transparency in public finances. In addition, since the inception of the Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas (FIRST), AISD has received Superior ratings for financial management. This Superior achievement rating is the state’s highest recognition, demonstrating the quality of AISD’s financial management and reporting systems.

Below are financial reports, budgets, tax rates and public information request instructions. Please contact Marilyn Cobb, Assistant Superintendent for Finance, at or 903-796-4194 for further information.


Financial Transparency
AppleAtlanta ISD’s business office serves to advance the District’s efforts to provide the highest quality educational program by developing procedures and practices related to budget development and fiscal responsibility that are both effective and efficient in meeting the goals and objectives of the District. We are committed to providing our community with transparent financial information in a format that is both easily accessible and understandable. This website provides essential financial information regarding AISD’s revenues, expenditures, tax rates, cost drivers and comparative data to ensure the public has the information needed to make informed decisions about the financial stability of the District.



Adopted Budgets


Annual Financial Reports


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Public Information Request


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Financial Sustainability


Contact the AISD Board of Trustees


Please contact Marilyn Cobb, Assistant Superintendent for Finance, at or 903-796-4194 for further information.

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