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Gifted & Talented

Welcome to the Atlanta Independent School District's Gifted and Talented Program

We are dedicated to igniting the minds of exceptionally bright and talented students and providing unique growth opportunities. Our commitment lies in nurturing their intellectual, creative and social-emotional abilities to cultivate a community of gifted learners who excel in various fields.

Giftedness encompasses a broad range of exceptionalities, including academic aptitude, leadership potential, and artistic talents, among others. Our program is designed to identify and serve these exceptional students, tailoring their educational experiences to meet their individual needs, interests and aspirations.

Through a challenging and enriching curriculum, coupled with specialized instruction, we empower our gifted and talented students to explore their passions, delve into advanced subjects and engage in critical and creative thinking. Our goal is to foster an environment that encourages curiosity, collaboration and independent inquiry, equipping our students with the skills necessary to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

One of the core principles of Atlanta ISD's Gifted and Talented Program is the emphasis on choice and individualized learning paths. We firmly believe that gifted students flourish when they have the freedom to explore their interests, pursue their passions and actively shape their educational journey.

By empowering our gifted students to make choices, we not only foster their academic growth but also nurture their personal development and self-awareness. These choices enable them to discover their areas of expertise, cultivate leadership skills, and forge their own paths toward success.

Atlanta ISD's Gifted and Talented Program celebrates the unique abilities and potential of our gifted students, guiding them toward a future of excellence and positive contribution.

Gifted & Talented Handbooks