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District Info

AISD Board Agenda


AISD District Parent & Family Engagement Policy 


AISD State Compensatory Handbook


Building Projects


District Improvement Plan


District of Innovation Plan


District Policy Online
The (LEGAL) policies within this manual represent the working core of legal provisions, critical day-to-day, month-to-month decision making, regarding district governance and management.


District Annual TAPR
The Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPR) pull together a wide range of information on the performance of students in each school and district in Texas every year. Performance is shown disaggregated by student groups, including ethnicity and socioeconomic status. The reports also provide extensive information on school and district staff, programs, and student demographics.


Federal Report Card


Immunization Info
Texas State Immunization Requirements for Pre-K3 and 4 year olds, Kindergarten-3rd Grade, 4th-6th Grades, and 7th Grade.


Landowner Bill of Rights
The State of Texas Landowner’s Bill of Rights prepared by the Office of the Attorney General of Texas.


Public Notice


Required Postings


Sexual Abuse Plan


Teacher Incentive Allotment

Contact Information

Atlanta ISD
106 West Main Street
Atlanta, Texas 75551
Phone: (903) 796-4194
Fax: 903-796-1004