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AES students honored for being top donors in math challenge

Posted Date: 01/23/2024

AES students honored for being top donors in math challenge

ATLANTA, TX – Texas students who use Imagine Learning’s Imagine Math program completed math problems and donated earned points from the program to raise $5,000 for Feeding Texas. On January 12, Imagine Learning representatives, along with students and staff from Atlanta Elementary, presented a $5,000 check to Feeding Texas during a celebration ceremony.

Imagine Math is a digital education program that allows students across the district to increase their math skills while also choosing to give to charity. This fall, Texas students worked on Imagine Math lessons and earned a currency called THINK points within the program. Students choose how to spend their points, with options ranging from dressing avatars, contributing to class goals, or donating to a charity.

Top donors in the Imagine Math Challenge.Texas students solved more than 2.2 million math problems during the donation period and donated more than 50 million earned THINK points. These points translate to $5,000 for Feeding Texas. This donation is a part of Imagine Learning's charitable giving program, which has raised more than $920,000 for local and national charities since its inception.

"Atlanta Elementary School is committed to nurturing well-rounded individuals who go beyond academic excellence,” said Dena McCord, Atlanta Elementary School Principal. “Through initiatives like the Imagine Math Challenge, our students not only excel in mathematics but also cultivate a spirit of generosity. This act of kindness exemplifies our staff members' commitment to nurturing not just bright minds, but compassionate hearts."

Top donating classrooms and students were also recognized during the ceremony for making the decision to donate their points to the charity. Classes with top donations

"Feeding Texas is incredibly grateful to the Imagine Learning students for their extraordinary $5,000 contribution," said Celia Cole, CEO of Feeding Texas. "Their dedication strongly impacts our mission to end hunger in Texas. We applaud their commitment, which sets an inspiring example for like-minded young people who are eager to make a difference in the lives of their fellow Texans.”

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