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Print Shop


Policy and Mission

The policy of the Atlanta ISD Print Shop is to support instruction by producing large quantities of standard copying for campuses and departments of AISD quickly and efficiently. Small copiers are provided on each campus for low volume jobs (20 copies or less) and for scanning Print Shop orders to email. Special print jobs such as color flyers, booklets, newsletters, brochures, etc. can also be done by the Print Shop generating savings over outside contractors. Our mission is to help our staff and students by providing this service efficiently and timely so that our teachers can spend more time on instruction and less time on clerical duties.


Turnaround and delivery

  • Turnaround begins when orders are received in Print Shop.

Hard copy orders will normally be delivered to your campus within two school days.

  • Staff are encouraged to plan for the two school day completion time. For example, if a job is received by the Print Shop on Friday, you may expect delivery on Tuesday of the following week.

Email orders will be returned normally within one school day.

  • During the regular school year, deliveries to campuses can be expected twice per day:  about 9am and about 2pm. Summer deliveries will be once per day.
  • The Print Shop will not operate during weekends or school holidays.
  • More complex printing requests such as newsletters and booklets may require extended time.

How to place an order – two easy ways

  • Scan to email (preferred and faster delivery)
    • Complete a Print Shop Job Order Form for each print job desired.
    • Using your campus’ network copier/scanner, scan a completed Print Shop Job Order Form and your original document into one file.
  • All scanned orders should be in .pdf format
    • Employees  should email the file directly to
    • All scan to email orders must be received by the Print Shop by 10 a.m. to ensure next day 9am delivery.

Hard copy orders

  • Complete one Print Shop Job Order Form for each print job desired.
  • Attach order form to your original using metal fastener.
  • Do not staple the order form to the original.
  • Remove all staples from originals.
  • Send to Print Shop in campus mail.

Copyright regulations

  • All employees and the AISD Print Shop must comply with AISD Board Policy EFE (LEGAL) concerning copyrighted material. Requests for printing which violate this policy will be returned unprinted. If you have permission to print copyrighted material, attach a copy with your order.
  • Portions of copyrighted materials that will be used for instruction may be reproduced but entire books and other copyrighted works may NOT be reproduced in full without written consent from the publisher/owner. Send such consent with your order, if applicable.

Clean master copies

  • Masters must be clean and free of staples, sticky notes, tape, etc.
  • No ragged edge or torn masters – please make a clean copy to send.

Sequence of printing orders

  • All documents are printed in the order and sequence received.
  • Emergencies may require changes in this procedure as warranted.

No editing by Print Shop

  • Exact copies of documents will be reproduced as they are sent - we cannot edit, enlarge, reduce or otherwise edit the document.
  • If your original has blank pages in it, remove them before sending to the Print Shop.

Overloading and summer orders

  • Do not overload with orders that you do not need within the next week or two.
  • Orders sent during summer for next school year will be processed and returned before school starts. Please mark “Next Year Order.”

Color copies

  • Due to the large expense, color copies can only be requested by the principal or other appropriate administrator and are only for special jobs such as newsletters and booklets.  Color copies require prior approval by the Assistant Superintendent.

Errors by Print Shop

  • If we omit less than 20 pages from your request please use the campus copier and make the copies you need.
  • If we make a more severe mistake let us know immediately and we will make every effort to get the copies you need quickly.

Two-sided originals

  • If your original is two-sided, you must scan both sides before sending it or pages will be missing when you receive your completed job.

Special orders

  • If you have a special job that would ordinarily be sent to contracted printing services, please check with the Print Shop first. We print newsletters, brochures and flyers routinely and may be able to lower the cost by printing in-house.

Special paper

  • Colored paper will be supplied by the Print Shop in these four colors only:  light blue, light yellow, light green and light pink. Jobs requiring any other colors must be furnished by the campus.
  • Any job requiring special paper such as cardstock, bond paper or colored paper other than those listed above will need to be furnished by the campus or person placing the order. Paper must be approved by Print Shop Operator. Please provide a few extra sheets in case of machine error.
  • Construction paper is NOT allowed in these machines per Xerox instructions.

Student class work

  • Printing of students’ class work should not be sent to the Print Shop.

Confidential documents

  • Confidential documents should be sent in sealed manila envelope and marked “Confidential.”
  • A signature sheet will be provided for the recipient to ensure proper delivery on campus.

Campus copiers

  • Use of campus copiers is limited to jobs with 20 copies or less. Campus copiers are smaller machines intended only for office work and scanning to the Print Shop. The cost of printing in the Print Shop is much lower than the small copiers in the offices. All jobs with more than 20 copies must be sent to the Print Shop.